Let’s develop your next outstanding mobile game jointly

Let’s develop your next outstanding mobile game jointly
Pirate studio gaming is a mobile app development studio focused on mobile games creation.
Our company is experienced in game design, software engineering, Unity 3D engine, and 2D/3D art creation for mobile games. Let’s create outstanding mobile games jointly.

Games we created

Check mobile games and prototypes we develop. You could find action, arcade, runners, puzzles, strategy, and idle games below.

Trusted by

Our company develops prototypes and games in collaboration with the following partners.


3 easy steps to create a mobile game jointly


Let us know
what you need

Share your idea with us for a mobile game using the form, or give us a couple of words through the email: az@piratestudios.com. Don’t have an idea yet? It’s not an issue, just let us know, and we provide you with several great ideas.


Development stage

At this stage, we will develop the idea, generate required documentation, and fill the backlog with the needed tasks. Only approval and advisory support are required for you at this stage.


Ready-to-launch game build

Get your ready-to-play Android and/or iOS mobile game build. We provide you with all required support for market/store listing and app promo materials. Icons, feature graphics, and videos. Rest assured all are included.

Why companies choose Pirates Studios Games for mobile development

Dedicated team

We are a mobile game development studio with a dedicated team. Our specialists are PRO at project management, hiring, mobile software development, trends analysis, 3D Art, game design. The creation of outstanding mobile games is our passion.

Market experience

We know every detail in mobile games development and publishing, that’s why we are here. Our skills allow us to analyze mobile users’ needs and market trends to create competitive games and scenarios. All processes in our company aimed to get the best metrics like CTR, CPI, playtime, retention as well as LTV, ARPU, and revenue.

Production speed

We appreciate our partner’s efforts and time. So, our studio always would like to get results as fast as possible. Our technologies, like the Unity engine, allow us to reduce delivery and production time with no negative impact on game quality, as well as give us the opportunity to develop cross-platform games.


We are always open to the partner’s requests and circumstances. HitBerry Games is flexible in schedule, price, and partnership model, like pay per prototype, burn rate, or revshare. It is common for us to make advances for the partner to build long-term partnership and rapport.

By creating mobile games with us you will be get covered with

Well designed gameplay with the required documentation such as GDD

Cross-platform mobile games for iOS and Android environment

Third-party services integration like analytical and monetization tools


3D and 2D game and promo art production facilities


Quality assurance services


Games post-launch support and maintenance


Who we are

pirate studios is a team of well-skilled enthusiastic game developers with 7+ years of experience in game and app creation. Our team consists of Unity 3D developers, 3D artists, game designers, project managers, QA specialists, business developers. All of us operate from different world locations with the main office. Pirates studios games was founded in 20xx as a little mobile game dev studio and is growing rapidly. We are always open to reliable people and partners, who shares our values, it could be a talented software engineer, artist, designer, or publisher.

Our services

We provide partners with a variety of services such as iOS and Android games development, 3D art production, hyper-casual prototyping, outsourcing, and even team members outstaff. Although most of our projects are Android or iOS hyper-casual, hybrid-casual, and idle arcades, we also see perspectives and opportunities in casual, NFT-based, mid-core mobile games and mobile apps development. Pirates studios would be happy to provide this kind of work for our partners. All this expertise is an integral part of our company.

Technologies we use

We use Unity 3D as the main engine for developing Android and iOS mobile games. It allows us to implement a variety of graphics and mechanics to the games we create. We use Foton technology for multiplayer projects. To create outstanding 3D models and level environments our 3D Artists use Blender, ZBrash, and Maya. That’s how we create magic called mobile games.

Let's create a game jointly

Feel free to share with us your questions, suggestions, or ideas in the form.



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